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  What's the first thing you do when you wake up, if the answer is Facebook then, this is selection of morning quotes for you. Let everyone know you are up and wake.  

"Wake up! it’s morning time with cheerful moments. Wishing you a very happy good morning. Have a good day!"


"Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen."

"The way you start your day can affect your whole day… Begin it with a smile, calmness of mind, coolness of emotions and a heart filled with gratitude. Good Morning"


“Good Morning” May you begin this day with a smile on your face, and with happiness for your soul to…


Whoever says “Good Morning” on Monday’s deserves to get slapped :)

Every morning the way you take me in your arms that makes my day special. Good Morning


Every day is the start of something beautiful. Good Morning


Mornings would be better if I woke up next to you. Good Morning

3 steps to have a great morning, open your eyes, take a deep breath and go back to sleep. Good Morning :)


One kind word can change someone’s entire day. Good Morning and have a good day.


It’s really nice to wake up in the morning realizing that GOD has given you another day to live. Good Morning

Every sunrise gives me a new day to love you. Good morning sweet heart, have a wonderful day.


I have learned that it is not what i have in my life but who I have in my life that counts. Good Morning and Have a good day.


Every morning, every moment always remember that our God is a GOD OF LOVE. Good Morning

A morning text does not only mean good morning. It also means, I think about you when I wake up.


May you begin this day and every day with a smile on your face. Good Morning


3 things you can’t recover in life. The MOMENT after it’s missed, The WORD after it’s said and the TIME after it’s wasted. Good Morning

Bad Attitude is like a flat tyre. You cannot reach anywhere until you change it. Good Morning.


Good morning friends … Wait … what the hell m I doing up this early?


Dont forget to pray today, because God didnt forget to wake you up this morning. Good Morning back arrow forward arrow    
What's the first thing you do when you wake up, if the answer is Facebook then, this is selection of morning quotes for you. Let everyone know you are up and wake.
So you have had a hard day at the office and 
relaxing at home on your Facebook. Time
 to say goodnight? Why not do it with some flare 
and creativeness. With one 'good night' statuses.
Butterflies in your stomach, or have a crush on 
someone or maybe you're just in love.If that's the 
case why not let the world of Facebook know 
why your feeling so happy and spread the Love. :-)
We all have those days when you're feeling down 
and lost in the world with what are you doing. 
Well read some of these status and get 
motivated, life is too short to waste time 
unhappy. Enjoy
Great day, great story to tell. Well this is the 
place for you, let everyone know how great you or
 someone else is with these great FB statuses.
 Why because it's Great, we have hundreds of Great 
statuses lol. Enjoy ;-)
So its Christmas time or is it Easter time
 or is it another season of the year whatever
 time of the year it is we have FB statuses to keep 
you in the know. Add some festive cheer to your 
Facebook and keep in season..
Life is a long journey of discovery with
 ups and downs at every turn. Lets us enjoy the 
good and bad times and embrace what 
life is all about learning and moving forward. 
Grab one of the FB life status. 'KEEP MOVING 
The Funny status, eveyone has one friend that 
spams your news feed with his or her funny 
status. Now it's your turn, browse the extensive 
selection of funny and lol. Grab one 
or grab two why not one for each day. ;-)
Stop pause and read these creative statuses, we
 have them all from the riddles of planet
 earth to grammar that twists in to more than
 one meaning. Give your FB status some logical flair
 for the day. ;-)
I remember one day when that wise man told me.... 
well share them wise words with the
 world and shed some wisdom on your friends. 
Make the wise decision and pick one of the 
Facebook statuses.
Famous quotes, its one of those things that stays in
 your mind for years if not a lifetime. So give 
spread these quotes with your friends and
 family and get everyone inspired for the day.
 'one small step for man one giant leap for mankind'
Know something your friends don't know, stand 
out on the news feed with one of these clever FB 
statuses. This is your moment to shy. Check 
out the hundreds of clever statuses we have. Enjoy