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  Ever wondered were people got them funny pictures to stick on the Facebook news feed well this is the place, we have an extensive selection of photos to brighten up your facebook for your friends and family so start sharing. Enjoy ;-).  
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Those photos that make you laugh, the photos that make you have to click the share button after you've stopped laughing. This is the place to find those pictures sit back and have a good laugh, don't forget to share ;-)
Those funny slogans with pictures, what could be
 better turning moving    quotes into real
 life situations. Many of the classics slogans 
to go   with  pretty much everything prepare to 
have a good laugh on these beauties. 
Animals doing the craziest things and with a little
 help from photoshop we can really push
 your imagination. Have a good look at the cute, 
the ugly and the darn right stupid animals 
all with a little twist, Just click view, enjoy
 and share. ;-)
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Time to give you facebook some inspirational photos
 for friends and    family. Browse the extensive
 selection of photos we have and be inspired   
to do a little more today and spread the love.
The internet would be fun without the FAIL photos we
 all fail at some    stage some more than most,
 but not all of us get it on camera. For these
  people we have it on camera, prepare to 
laugh out loud at the magic of  failing in front
 of the camera.
Funny text messages, the magic of the iphone  that
 allows you to take a picture of your screen
 and in doing so we get  to see some funny 
conversations and the predicted text getting 
it all  wrong. Have a good read and fill in the blanks.